Monday 18 December 2017

New screen

The Sony 4K TV didn't work out; I might be able to make it work, but ladysolly has snatched it to replace her old TV. And I let her do it because I got an Acer 4K monitor for a good price, £500. And it's lovely! 3840 by 2560 pixels, and 43 inches diagonal. The screen is so large, I can get everything on it. I might be able to pair it with the Sony, but really, that Acer is so big, I don't need anything to add to it.

The old 2K (2560 by 1440) monitor is now spare, but I'm trying to use it as a second monitor for the laptopp which also has a 2560 by 1440 screen. To do that, I've acquired an external port thing. That should arrive soon.

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