Thursday 9 November 2017


I updated more of my servers to Fedora version 26, and s a result, lighttpd stopped working.

lighttpd is a lightweight web server. For most purposes, I use Apache, which is used by half the internet, but when I want a small, simple web server, I use lighttpd.

I have a process that runs on a monitoring server, that checks the health of each of my servers, accessing it via port 80, the web. It accesses a small file that is created on each server by a self-checking program, which reports any problems. Obviously, for this to work, I need a web server running on each server, and that's why I use lighttpd

After the upgrade to Fedora 26, lighttpd loaded and ran, but didn't respond to accesses on port 80, and I don't know why. But instead of trying to fault-find with something that worked before and doesn't work after the upgrade, I just changed those servers to use Apache.

Job done.

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