Monday 20 November 2017

Facebook group "Religion Discussion" rules and purpose

#Rules and #purpose.

The primary purpose of this group is to share ideas, discuss and debate issues related to the existence of a deity or deities, the social and psychological implications of religions and personal faiths, and the scientific implications regarding these topics.


Please read these rules before you participate in this group. New members are considered probationary for quality control purposes. These rules are elaborate so there won't be much room for confusion. Fear not, for this style of administration has been handed down the Armstrong line for generations.


1. This is an English debate group. Please post/comment in English, and ONLY English. It's ok to post in another language when discussing its interpretation or meaning, however a direct debate or conversation in another language will not be accepted.

2. A meme, video or a link is not a debate point. If you post a meme, video or a link without a debate point, don't be surprised if it gets deleted. Accompany your memes, videos or links with at least one sentence worth of argumentation at minimum. This rule may apply in the comments section as well. Members are expected to maintain polite discourse and adhere to basic principles of online debate

3. If you make a regular habit of drive-by preaching by not responding to and/or dancing around rebuttals, don't be surprised if you are removed.

4. No fighting - there is a difference between a debate and a fight. If you feel yourself getting angry, step away from the keyboard for a second. If a thread devolves into a huge fight, the involved individuals will be muted for the duration the Admin Team sees fit. Commenting might also be turned off if necessary.

5. Overt insults are not allowed, especially when they are irrelevant to a debate point. If you are slinging insults at someone simply for holding a different opinion, action will be taken. Overt racism and sexism will result in administrative action at the discretion of the Admin Team.

6. Trolling, or posting solely with intent to upset or offend others, is not allowed. While some people might troll occasionally while also contributing, if your troll levels exceed your quality post levels to an extent that it brings down the quality of the group, action will be taken immediately.

7. Graphic images and Videos (pornography or violence) are not allowed. Images of a sexual nature, especially when not related to a serious debate topic, are not allowed. If you are planning to post a graphic image(s) or video(s) related to a serious debate topic, contact an admin in beforehand and ask for permission.

8. Blocking an Admin or a Moderator is not allowed as this substantially decreases the efficiency with which this group can be run. However, if you message me (Yusuf J Ibrahim) and have valid reasons why you need to block an Admin/Mod (Admin/Mod X killed my sister, etc.), I might make exceptions.

9. Abusing the report feature on Facebook against others will result in a permanent ban from the group.
10. All posts should be related to the group topic. Off topic posts will result in a warning and the removal of the post.

11. Spamming in this group is strictly prohibited. This includes advertising services, sites, pages, YouTube channels, other groups, etc. If you are caught spamming here, you will immediately be sent on a vacation.


13. Do not delete or heavily edit a post once you've made it, or switch off commenting. Do not delete comments once other people have replied to the comments.


In this group you will get three (3) warnings. The first offense will result in a free warning, the second offense will result in a warning followed by a 12 hour mute and the third warning will be followed by a 24 hours mute. After that, it's a permanent ban from the group.

If you have been muted, you will still be able to observe the group, like posts and comments, receive notifications from the group etc. However, you will no longer be able to post or comment in the group for the duration set by the Admin Team.

Good Luck!

Yusuf J Ibrahim
Adam von Plentl - (Adam Plentl)
Matt Gorman
Alan Solomon
Trey Simmons
Brandy Wales
Mansoor Imran
Chris Jerrick
Stephen Pitter


  1. Facebook? Really? Were you not once an expert on computer security?

  2. That was a long, long time ago.

  3. THANK YOU FOR RULE 14. Looking to join.

  4. curious as to the all caps rule

  5. A post in all caps is shuoting (which isn't polite) and it's more difficult to read.

  6. Why is Daniel in the administration. Does he to be to be a Christian? He doesn't understand why the difference in the description of Allah in the Quran and the description of God in the Bible are significant to the question if whether the 2 are the same God. Really?
    I also want to know why a man who has pictures of almost naked women from Sports Illustrated on his Facebook page is allowed to be a Christian administrator in this group.

  7. So Daniel told me he is not a Christian. I still want to know why a man who behaves so rudely is an administrator in this group. I am here to discuss things not to be insulted for what I think it to be told that what I think is insignificant. Does being an administrator give Daniel authority over what I think?

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