Monday 23 October 2017

A modest proposal

There are about 30 million people in the USA without health insurance

In the UK, and several dozen other countries, there is universal health insurance. What is to be done about those 30 million unfortunate Americans? They are our cousins, and our friends. We are all human.

It's clear that their current government isn't about to help them - indeed, recent attempts to change healthcare systems in the USA, would have increased that number to 50 million or more. So that means that we Europeans (and Australians, and Canadians, and other countries) have to help them. We need to set up charities, just like the ones that currently bring medical care to very poor countries, but aimed at helping those unfortunate US citizens without healthcare.

Even very simple and cheap healthcare, such as the provision of simple dentistry, and the extraction of bad teeth, can substantially improve the situation of an unfortunate US citizen living in constant dental pain; the only variables being, will the pain be worse today? Will I be able to sleep despite the pain?

The need for this is urgent. Even as you read this, the US government is trying its best to remove healthcare from even more people; it's vital that this scheme be in place for the sad time that the US government is successful in doing this.

This is possible. This is happening already, but it needs to happen on a much wider scale. Give generously. The life that you save will thank you.


  1. Your last post stinks of this -
    I had five hundred Kit Kats in my fridge and my mate had one in his. I pressured him into giving his to a homeless person. That's basically how celebrity charity appeals work.

    1. Wow, Doc, it seems you have been banded into the "celebrity" camp. Will we be seeing you in "The Jungle" or "On ice" ?? I do get this persons point I often wonder if these celebs gave "£3" worth of their income, that could equate to 4000 of us less fortunates. Also how much money do they spend trying to get all these £3's with TV advertising.

  2. I'm guessing that you've never seen Jonathan Swift's "A modest proposal"

  3. Dr Solomon and his wife Susan who started the business from their front room made their money in 1995 when they sold out for pounds 30m. The sale of the company to Network Associates will still allow them to make a further pounds 5m from the disposal of share options.
    Come on Alan ......YOU dig deep into your pockets while I think eat or heat tonight !

  4. I'm guessing that you've never seen Jonathan Swift's "A modest proposal"

  5. They already have a plan. It is to make sure every desperate poor person has access to a gun and the police are trigger happy.