Saturday 29 July 2017


I see people talking about a transition period after Brexit. The idea is, I think, that after Brexit which will be in March 2019 (that's set in stone), there will be a period of two or three years during which we'll still be in the single market, free movement of people and the customs union. Or maybe just two of those. Maybe partially. Or not.


I can well believe that some people in the UK want this (but I'd guess that plenty of others don't). However, they should remember that after March 2019, the EU doesn't owe us anything. If we want this transitory period, we'll have to negotiate for it.

And, as in everything else we're trying to negotiate for, there's not much that we have to offer in exchange.

Brexit has become a sitcom, with us as the recipients of the custard pies that are being thrown by various members of the Conservative Party. There appears to be no plan, no objective, no timetable, no start date for negotiations and, altogether no idea. We're in a twisty maze of little passages, all alike, and our lantern has a dead battery.

It's a sitcom that's nearly as funny as Trumps "Terrible Treble Threat"

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