Sunday 16 July 2017

The trouble with Trump

When you look at what he's done, as distinct from what he's said, nothing much has happened. There's no Wall, there's no Moslem ban and Clinton isn't locked up. The repeal of Obamacare hasn't happened, and if it does happen, it won't be replaced with something cheaper and better. And the coal jobs aren't coming back.

Today, we met some Americans, and got to talking politics, as one does. And, by the way, they were politely startled at the UK decision to leave the EU. But Trump, they say, is a trainwreck and an embarrassment. From here, I explained, it more resembles a sitcom.

And then I thought; let's transpose this. Imagine, if you can, that our own dear queen started acting like Trump. Picking fights with other country's leaders, with the media, with anyone who criticises him. And tweeting to the world about this, so that it can't be watered down or hushed up. How would we feel?



  1. The wall is a big engineering project and wasn't going to be flung up in a month. Competitive designs and bids are being trialed, meaning sample sections are being built. In the meantime, fewer illegals are crossing from Mexico (because they know they are more likely to be sent back) and more are being sent back, including some of Obama's "dreamers".

    The travel ban was based not on religion, but country of origin, and is now partly in place, with a date set for a final Supreme court decision. More importantly, the Supreme court has a new conservative judge, appointed by Trump, so the decision is likely to go his way. Hilary would have put in a liberal, altering the balance further to the left.

    "Obamacare" is falling apart of its own weight. The replacement is an effort to save it, and yes, it is likely to fail, at which point all the remaining insurance companies will withdraw from the scheme.

    Your American acquaintances sound like they are from the half of the US that disagrees with Trump's positions. The ones that agree are at home, tending their farms and small businesses and going to work every day. They know he is facing furious opposition from the other side, slowing his (and their) agenda. They don't fly over to Europe to tell foreigners they are embarrassed.

  2. Wall - yes, maybe plans are being made. Plans are ceap, almost as cheap as talk. You still think that Mexico wil pay?

    The tr4aqvel ban that Trump as proposing during his campaign, was a ban on mosilms @until we can figure out what is going on@. That's not going to happen, as you point out.

    Yes, the Amercicans I met are anti-Trump. The ones that voted for him are athome, wondering when all the promises he made will come true, and whether Trump's claims are correct that these dreams would have if only he wasn't still being opposed by about half the USA population.

    I'd really like to chat witha pro-Trumper. You're the first one I've met. So please stay in touch; maybe email me?

  3. "Border Patrol union chief praises 'miraculous' drop in illegal immigration under Trump"

    "The Homeland Security funding bill included $1.6 billion funding for the southern border wall."

    Both from:

    More money will no doubt be needed, but it doesn't all have to be paid out at once. Whether Mexico will pay is yet to be seen. One idea is to tax the remittances Mexicans in the USA send home.

    The travel ban is on people from six "predominately Muslim countries" regardless of their professed religion, and is in effect, with some exceptions. It may be fully implemented when the Supremes decide in October. Like the tougher line on illegal entry from Mexico, it has already dissuaded many from those countries from coming, if only by promoting uncertainty.

    Pro-Trump people are used to being reviled, so you may have met others who have been reticent about speaking out. They don't really have to advocate; their guy is in office. They aren't in denial and don't give credence to the frenzied mainstream media attacks.

  4. Some mining jobs coming back:

    "Last week, he shared stats about private-sector job growth, most notably, 42,000 jobs added in mining and logging, a key focus during his campaign in Ohio and Pennsylvania"