Sunday 23 July 2017

Elastic and a kneeling stool

I have a pair of trousers (Sports Direct sale bargain, cost £3) and the waistband elastic is no longer elastic. I suspect this is a laundry issue. I was going to throw them away (that's the advantage of a Sports Direct sale bargain, cost £3, and then I had a thought.

So I went on Ebay, and bought 25 meters of elastic (my waist isn't that big, but I foresee needing to do this again with other trousers).

Ladysolly was complaining; she has trouble kneeling down. She complained when we were out caching in Cork. She was wearing jeans, I was wearing shorts, and I didn't like the thought of kneeling on pavement, it's painful to the knee. But she couldn't kneel, she said, so I put my book down and knelt on that. Cache found. Today, she complained about the same issue; kneeling down to fill the dishwasher with rinseaid, which needs to be done now and then. Instead of kneeling, she squatted, and that's not good for her knees either. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to do the things we used to do easily.

So I went on Ebay, and ordered a garden kneeling stool, which gives you something soft to kneel on that's a few inches above the ground, and also something to hold on to to help you get up.

Ebay eases the adversities of age.

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