Saturday 22 July 2017

A follow-up on the whynotclaim call

A couple of years ago, I got cold-called on "You've had an accident ...". What followed, led me to a firm of solicitors, and some interesting discoveries.

I was wondering what the outcome of this was.

1) Mobeen Hussain no longer works for Renaissance Solicitors (according to their web site).
2) Although according to the Internet Archive, she did work for them on 16 November 2015 (look under "who we are")
3) Renaissance Solicitors no longer advertises services for accident compensation claims
4) According to The Law Society web site, Mobeen Hussain now is a consultant at Sky Solicitors
5) The Sky Solicitors web site doesn't list her on their "Our team" page.
6) The web site no longer exists, nor is the domain name listed
7) However, you can still see it on the Internet Archive.
8) The Why.not.claim company, number 09305705 was dissolved on December 8, 2015, a couple of months after my blog postings.
9) Mobeen Hussain is still listed at Companies House under Why.not.claim, company, number 09305705

The internet never really forgets anything.

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