Monday 3 July 2017

A call from TalkTalk

I got a call from TalkTalk. The first question was "How are you?" so I explained that I'd "caught the sun slightly yesterday, so my skin is slightly red, but it isn't too bad and doesn't hurt, and I expect that to turn to a light shade of brown soon. And how are you?"

So we had a short discussion about her health, and then she asked me if it had been sunny where I was yesterday, and I said, "Well, yes, that's how come I got slightly sunburned?" And then we got down to business.

"I need to ask you a couple of security questions", she said. So I explained that she'd called me, and I didn't actually know who she is, so whether I'd answer would depend on how sensitive the questions are and whether answering them to a cold caller might lead to problems.

She asked for company name, address and post code. So I told her my company name. And she said "there's a third word". I guessed that she meant "limited", but we spent a very pleasant five minutes with me making lots of wrong guesses about what she might have written down on her screen. I tried "business" and "enterprise", and lots of less likely words. I asked her to tell me what she had, but she said she couldn't do that, "data protection". So I asked her if she could give me a clue, and then we played sound charades for a few minutes.

Eventually, she gave up, but not quite. She'll be calling back tomorrow for another game.

You'll have had your tea.

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