Thursday 8 June 2017

We voted

I had thought of writing NONE on my ballot paper. These do actually get counted, but I don't think we're taken seriously.

The Tories were excluded for a number of reasons. Theresa May kicked off by saying she'd revisit the fox hunting ban, which is about as bad as promising a vote on dog fighting. Then the manifesto came out, which was vague and wordy, without specifics, not many numbers. Followed, almost immediately, by a U-turn, which made her look weak and wobbly. And she's not telling us her objectives in Brexit, except that "Brexit means Brexit" which is what is known as a tautology.

Labour didn't look good, because of their racism. And the garden tax. And a Home Secretary who seemed to think that all numbers were equally valid, then we were told she's seriously ill long-term, yet is planning to return to the fray. And a Chancellor who is too keen to spend Other People's Money.

And UKIP is a one-issue party with racist leanings, where their issue has been pretty much settled.

Then ladysolly pointed out that Peter Jones (whose namesake was the Guide) was on the list as Libdem candidate. And we saw him handing out leaflets at our local tube station, and he was the only candidate we'd actually seen in this election. Plus, he gave us some help several years ago, as a councillor.

There's nothing we actually dislike about the Libdems, other than Clegg's disastrous coalition with the Tories that led to his reversal on university fees. And they are, at least, in favour of the EU.

And that's the way we voted.

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