Wednesday 21 June 2017

The end of austerity?

 The end of austerity?

Except that, as I've pointed out quite a few times, austerity never happened. What I do find hard to understand is how people got fooled into thinking that it did.

I can understand why the Tories pretended it was happening, they being the Party of Fiscal Responsibility, and I can understand why Labour pretended it was happening, the Tories being the Party of All Nastiness.

The only way that the general public could have fallen for this scam, is if people don't actually look at figures.

Is that possible?

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  1. I thought to myself, with all the new cars being bought, having noticed far more "17" plated cars and also having seen them appear much quicker than normal, most people are or were feeling confident with things.

    But remember, we are mainly lazy and if someone says things are better with us, we will believe them. it's a bit like those emails you get.... but if its on the BBC News it must be true!!