Tuesday 13 June 2017

Phone call

A nice lady with an Indian accent called me from 0039 028 718 9629 and said "Could you answer three questions? It will only take a minute." So I said "Yes, three questions."

The first question was "Is your name ..." So I confirmed that this was, indeed, myname, and said "That's one question." "No," she said, "that doesn't count as a question."

Then she said "Your phone number, is it ...." And I confirmed that this was, indeed, my phone number, and then said "That's two questions." "No," she said, "We don't start counting until I ask you your age, don't you understand that?" "No," I said, "And that's your three questions, goodbye" and I hung up.

Then she called back. "You're stupid," she began, so I hung up again.

Then she called back again, and got as far as "You're ..." and I hung up again. Why is she wasting her time, I'm obviously not a good prospect for whatever she's selling? So then I dialled 1471 to get her number, and then I made a complaint to the ICO.


  1. So Doc, What is your age? and what are the other two questions she wanted to ask you... I wonder ....

  2. She didn't get as far as asking my age, but I can tell you I'm old enough to know better, and young enough to know worse.