Tuesday 20 June 2017

Hot hot hot

It was 32 degrees today. If you're American, it was 90.

Tomorrow, it's forecast to be 34. It reminds me of 1976.

In 1976, we had a long, hot summer, and a drought, and a hosepipe ban. My allotment was like a desert even with heavy use of my watering can. At work, we used to go into the computer room just to cool down.

I planted several times as many lettuces as I thought we wanted, on the expectation that they'd nearly all die, but then the government appointed Denis Howell as Minister for Drought, and that worked, because we got lots of rain. My lettuces flourished, and I had so many that I brought a couple of dozen into work, and we went down to the Royal Park and had a lettuce tasting party, wiith wine.

If it gets too bad tomorrow, I'm going to hole up in my data center and turn the air conditioning up to "Arctic".


  1. Arh, yes those heady days of being down on the allotment... Even the water trough for watering the plot was a fair trek away. But they were the great days of carefree abandonment before responsibility came along.

    Then all those fab pics in the AAHA Newsletter too.

  2. The dear old Amersham Alottment and Horticultural Association. But I'm going back long before that, when I had an allotment at the Welsh Harp.