Wednesday 21 June 2017

Fox hunting gone

After I voted in the recent election, I stopped outside the polling station to deliver a diatribe to a man wearing a blue rosette, on the subject of "Your revisiting of the fox hunting laws is one of the main reasons I didn't vote Tory this time. It was a stupid hostage to fortune and will probably cost you the election."

He would have passed the comment along to the Conservative Party HQ, and as a result, the possible re-legalisation of this barbaric practice whereby the unspeakable pursue the uneatable and kill it, will not happen.

It's nice when my views affect government policy.


  1. Wow, Well done Dr.

    Now all you have to do is bring back Grammar schools... oh no wait a minute, Challoner's is still going!

  2. Perhaps they should repeal the ban on fishing - that horribly barbaric sport - as well.