Thursday 16 March 2017

Furze and Top Gear

Colin Furze (check out his youtube channel, it's brilliant) has been invited to help out dear old Auntie Beeb with their Top Gear problems.

As you may have heard, they had to fire their presenting team after one of them punched a producer. And it's sad, but they were right to axe the puncher, because if you don't, you're not doing what's right. So they hired a new team, and it wasn't as good, according to audience figures.

Colin Furze, on the other hand, has over four million subscribers, so that's a possibe four million to add to Top Gear viewing figures when this gets aired.

Colin (who was a plumber until he remade himself into a Youtube star) has got hold of an old dodgem car. He's stripped off the heavy chassis and put in a new lightweight one, and he's put a 100 horsepower motorbike engine into it. And The Stig will drive it.

I, for one, will watch this Top Gear episode, which gives the Beeb a chance to show me how much better they've made it.

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