Monday 20 March 2017

Fun with Barclays, part 2

After my call on Friday, I was told I'd be called back at 3pm today. Of course, that didn't happen. So at 3:30, I called them, and after being passed around twice, I got to talk to someone who could actually help. She sent me an email with my passcode, and I signed up for being able to see my statements online (I had done this before, but they changed their system so all their customers had to go through it again).

The email with my passcode was formatted for reading with a browser, of course. Most emails are. But some give a nod to the possibility that the email reader isn't a browser. This wasn't one of them.

Why don't I read emails in a browser? because that is so *obviously* insecure, I can't understand why anyone does it. The browser is a complex piece of software, so therefore liable to being hacked. My email reader (alpine) just shows me the text of the email - it cannot run java, javascript, flash, active content or whatever other compromisable elements they're putting into browsers this week.

That's why I see dozens of attacks via email each day.

So after the registration was done, I said I had two complaints, and I was transferred to the complaints department. And I complained about the formatting of the email. And about the failure to call me at the time I was told I'd be called.

She took down my complaints, and said I'd be sent £25 for the inconvenience.

And I have to wonder why Barclays have decided to reward anyone who complains about anything at all with a gift of £25. Don't they realise that they are incentivising complaints?

Maybe I should complain about that.

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