Tuesday 7 February 2017

Our courrier was not able to deliver your parcel

Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017 03:06:06 +0800
From: USPS <>
Subject: Shipping information for parcel 8217163

Our courrier was not able to deliver your parcel because nobody was present at your address.

Someone must always be present on the delivery day, to sign for receiving the parcel.

Shipping type: USPS Next Day
Box size: Large Box ( 2-5kg )
Date : Feb 6th 2017

You can reschedule the delivery over the phone, but you will have to confirm the information on the
delivery invoice.
Another delivery can be arranged, by calling the number on the delivery invoice we left at your address
and confirming the shipping information, including the address and tracking number.

A scanned copy of the delivery invoice can also be downloaded by visiting the USPS website: []

In the exceptional case that a new delivery is not rescheduled in 24 hours, the shipment will be
cancelled and the package will be returned to the sender.

Thanks for shipping with USPS

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Two clues that this is a scam. 1) "courrier" and 2) the web link doesn't go to it goes to

Apart from those two, it looks very plausible.

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  1. yes, but ladysolly hadn't ordered anything either!!

    That was the give away :)