Wednesday 8 February 2017

Melania Trump vs The Daily Mail

Mrs Trump is suing the Daily Mail for $150 million.

A lot of what the old-style media reports, is just stuff they've gleaned from the internet, and they don't bother checking whether it's true.

"Decide for yourself," they say, but there's no way you can. "We're just reporting the rumour" they say, as if that's an excuse.

Wouldn't it be great if the media checked whether things were true, rather than just repeat what they read on the internet?

So who should we be cheering for?

On the one hand, losing $150 million might make them more careful in future. Plus, it's the Daily Mail, which we don't get even when it's a free newspaper at the supermarket and it's the only paper left.

On the other hand, it's Mrs Trump.

Decide for yourself.


  1. Who "should" we be cheering for? Depends on whether you are virtue-signalling to the liberal bubble or not. We could just leave it to the legal process to decide whether she has been libeled and, if so, to what extent monetary damages can compensate.