Thursday 16 February 2017

How to backup your daughter's blog

It occurred to me that I didn't have a backup of this blog. I expect the good folks at do backups, but "expect" is not good enough for me. So I did one.

Then I wondered about the blog of daughter.2, It's a good blog, all about ... well, go see for yourself. But does she do a backup? I didn't know.

So I did one for her. It's very easy.

wget -r

That downloaded everything from her blog to my computer. When I told her I'd done this, she was a bit concerned at first, and wanted to know if I'd hacked her blog. Well, no. The blog is *supposed* to be publicly readable, and what I did was read it! But I should have taken a picture of her face as she asked that.

That gave me a tree of files. So next, I converted that to a single file.

tar -cf silverspoon.tar

That was pretty big, about 6 gigabytes. More than would fit onto one DVD. You might think that then I'd use some sort of compression, but most of the data is JPG files which are already compressed.

split -d -b 4480m silverspoon.tar

That gave me two files, and I burned them on to DVDs, which I gave to her next time we met.

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  1. Very grateful for the back up...and it's for anyone interested in restaurant and hotel reviews :P