Tuesday 15 November 2016

The news

How can I find out what is going on?

The newspapers are all very obviously biassed. We used to take the Telegraph, but that deteriorated so much that only the Matt cartoon was worth reading. We take the Times now, but that's almost as biassed as the Telegraph used to be. I can't think of any other newspapers that might be useful.

Apparently, a lot of people now get their news from Facebook, a place where anyone can post anything no matter how incorrect. Or Twitter, which is the same but briefer.


I think that many people have a particular field of expertise, and you can compare what the media say, with what you know is right in your field. When I first did this 25 years ago, I was really surprised at how incorrect the newspapers were. And how shallowly they investigated, and how readily they believed random people. It's the same now, only worse, because it looks like the newspapers are getting a lot of their information from Facebook and Twitter. See above for what that does.

I suppose I have to accept that I can't know what's happening, and hope that at least I can get a good grasp on stuff that happened 50 years ago.


  1. I read the Daily Mail online, its tells you who's pregnant, who's fat, anything that's news...

    1. John Cleese tweeted:


    Yes, Matt Drudge is right wing, but he doesn't write the articles. He just links to what is happening, including stories from very left wing sources like Huffington Post and NYT.

  3. I can't read... I find it helps!

  4. YES the news papers have gone to pot ......Even the Sun has no page 3 anymore is life worth living ?

  5. I generally try to read 5 different versions of the same story and look for a "quorum" of details that all agree. I look for and ignore articles that appear to be quick re-writes of articles I already read, assuming that they are just echoes. I try to look for full, uncensored, uncut quotes, so that I can read their statements in context. I try to get the international viewpoint, instead of just the viewpoint of the country that is the source of the story. Multiple viewpoints is as valuable as finding a quorum of facts.

  6. Sounds like a good plan, but isn't it terrible that we have to work so hard to weed out the rubbish!