Wednesday 9 November 2016

The bubble

Every post I see on Facebook is unhappy at the Trump victory. All of them. Yet I know that about half the people in the US don't feel that way.

This means that I'm seeing a *very* biased sample.  This means that I'm mostly out of touch with how Americans feel. That's probably not too important, since I don't live in America, but it's made me think. There's probably other matters where I'm in an echo chamber of people who think like I do. Brexit, for example.

But it isn't just politics. There's other subjects where I'm in an echo chamber - computer security, for example. Everyone I see posting on Facebook thinks that computers are very insecure, and that this is important. Yet I think that most people don't agree, or at least don't care.

Which echo chambers are you in?


  1. I keep telling people they need to check out to keep their heads in the game. He doesn't write anything, just links to the stories that are outside your bubble, whatever that may encompass.

  2. Trump is in and ready to do trade with the UK ! NEXT ....election's in France Germany & Italy the EU is finished