Wednesday 9 November 2016


My first post on the US election was about a year ago. I won't say I made a great forecast, because I didn't. I was sad when Hillary displaced Bernie, and I'm sad that the USA has made the choice they have, but it's their country, so it's their choice.

So now they have a Republican president, a Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representatives, which should mean that the Republicans get to do whatever they want. Plus they can appoint a strong Republican to the Supreme Court, which means that the Supreme Court might not be any kind of obstruction.

So what will they do?

I expect them to reverse everything that Obama did, of which the biggest was "Obamacare", the Affordable Care Act. Which isn't anything like the National Health services that we have in most Western countries, but was a kind of baby step in that direction. What will replace it? I would guess Trumpcare, which will be completely different from Obamacare and yet pretty much the same.

The Great Mexican Wall will mutate into some yards of actual bricks, but mostly a virtual wall of rules and regulations. The "Mexico will pay for it" will be implemented as some tariffs on imports from Mexico, which they will then claim is paying for the "wall".

The "total and complete ban on muslims" will mutate into a careful examination of immigrants (which, of course, they already have) and the "get jobs back into America" will turn out to be a tariff on goods from China.

There won't be a mass migration of Americans to Canada, because that was always just talk, and unless life becomes seriously awful in America (which I don't think it will) there will be no incentive to up sticks.

Things won't get better for the people who voted for Trump, because the forces that are killing manufacturing industry in America can't be Canuted out of existence.


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  1. Cher is definitely moving to Jupiter though.