Wednesday 6 July 2016

We're full up

We just got letters from our doctor. "Due the pressure on our service of dealing with the demand from residents in and around Chesham ..."

Never mind about the bad grammar and ignorance of the difference between "due to" and "owing to", as long as my doctors know medicine, I don't mind if their written English is poor. The gist of the letter is that they're full up, we live outside their practice area (that's because we moved several years ago) and we have to register with another practice.

There's a few possible reasons for this. 1) Too many people in their area, or 2) they can't recruit enough staff to cope, 3) austerity cuts mean they can't handle as much or 4) people are demanding more services.

I don't actually know which it is. But if you're anti-immigration, you'd go for 1, if you're pro-immigration you'd go for 2. If you're anti-cuts you'd go for 3 and if you're pro-cuts you'd go for 4.

The truth is probably a combination of the above.

Oh well. I see my doctor so rarely, I never remember the name. Which is, of course, a good thing for me! So changing isn't a problem.

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