Wednesday 20 July 2016

Upgrading ellsa

Ellsa is another of my biggish servers, and I knew that there was a spare PCI slot, so I decided to upgrade ellsa to gigabit ethernet.

Ellsa is running Fedora 17; although that's pretty old, it's not as ancient as some that I'm running (I started using Red Hat long before Fedora 1 came out). So, rather than install the latest Fedora, I decided to just stick the card in and work out how to install it.

I put in the card, plugged in an ethernet cable and powered up.

It worked. I didn't need to do a thing, and now ellsa has gigabit ethernet.

That's the way to do it!

Since I'm clearly moving to gigabit ethernet all over, I've ordered another 8-port switch, and a 16 port switch. Plus three more gigabit cards, and a couple of USB-to-gigabit converters, for those boxes that don't have spare PCI slots.

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