Sunday 3 July 2016

Theresa May said: “At the moment we are still a member of the EU and the arrangements still continue, so there is no change to their position currently but, of course, as part of the negotiations we will need to look at this question of people who are here in the UK from the EU."

So Theresa May doesn't rule out the possibility of expelling some or all EU people? Some of those people have been here for many years, work here, have their family here and have made their life int the UK? This us disgraceful! She's the Home Seretary, and she should have said "No matter what the outcome of the negotiations, let me here and now state that there is no possibility of expelling existing people from the EU."

Well, in the interest of balance, I'd like to say that I'm not ruling out the possibility of expelling Theresa May. I can, you know. There *will* be another election, in 2020 at the latest, and my memory is long.


  1. Yes, But unfortunately Theresa May does not stand in The Chalfonts!!, does she?

  2. No, she doesn't, but her party does.