Friday 15 July 2016

The Essex Way again

Another trip out to Essex - I did two segments. The first segment came to 30 caches, with one DNF. As I was hunting for this one, a ranger came by and asked me if I was geocaching. Yes I was. "It's been removed, it was on private land". Oh. I'll do a "Should be Archived".

After I did the Essex Way caches, I did some Ancient Byway caches. As I was going along the byway, I came to a ford, so I speeded up and tried to splash through it. That didn't work, and I came to a halt in the middle of the ford. And it turned out that the ford was deeper than I'd thought, so I got two bootfuls of water, and wet feet for the rest of the morning.

After I did those 30, I biked back to the car and had lunch, dried my feet, new socks, new boots, then drove to the second segment. That went well, and I didn't get wet.

57 caches done today, and a couple of DNFs.

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