Friday 15 July 2016


To negotiate, there has to be two things. 1) something you want, but you're willing at least partially to give up and 2) a willingness to walk away from the deal.

If you're not willing to walk away from the deal, if you absolutely have to have the deal then you can't really negotiate, because your oppo knows that you have to give in.

We've put ourselves in that position. We can't threaten to leave, and we can't threaten to not leave. We're committed to leave, even before we pull article 50. And after we pull article 50, we're doubly committed to leave.

The negotiation with the EU will be as big a sham as Cameron's pre-referendum negotiation.

Of course, it will be presented as a success. "I hold in my hand a piece of paper" is a fine precedent.


  1. Oh look Australia Canada New Zealand are all queuing up to trade with us ......And if Trump get in you can forget about us going to the back of the queue as Obama said we will be right up front!

  2. That sounds like a good start! It's always nice to have a queue of people wanting to do business.