Thursday 28 July 2016

More gigabits

I've upgraded five more computers to gigabit ethernet, including Heavy.

The problem with Heavy was that the three PCI slots were all being used by sata controller cards. I put a gigabit ethernet on a USB port, but that's not as good as a card inside the box. My plan was to get a sata controller card that would handle 8 or even 12 drives, and I've ordered that. But I had a thought today.

Some of the motherboards I have, include five PCI slots. So I swapped the motherboard for one of those. The five slots have: video card, three sata cards, gigabit ethernet card. So it took an hour or so, but it all works, and now I have gigabit on most of the computers that I think will benefit from it.

I've ordered five more gigabit cards; they're only £4 each.

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