Friday 20 May 2016


I just had my hearing tested, and it's pretty much normal, a slight reduction at about 1000 hz, nothing to worry about. That's nice to hear.

We also talked a bit about the future of hearing aids. I'll probably get one in a few years. So why do I need a hearing aid?

I don't.

I don't need a bicycle either, but I can cover a lot more ground than if I walk. A hearing aid isn't just for the hard of hearing. Here's what I want.

Something that tucks behind the ear (I'm not a fan of things that go in your ear). Each one would have two microphones. The output of the four mics would be digitised, and then fed into a digital signal processor, which is actually just a computer. The signal processing would aim to reduce background noise, and (in my case ) give a small boost to sound at 1000 hz. It would also be able to take input from a separate microphone, which I would carry in my pocket and put next to a sound source (such as a TV, or the person I'm chatting to). Links would be via bluetooth, and battery life would be 12 hours. Control of it would be via a smartphone.

Look at this. $400, but not available in the UK yet.

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