Wednesday 4 May 2016

Voting in the local elections

I don't usually vote in the local elections - I don't know much about the candidates, or about local politics. But ...

The main effect of the local government elections is to decide who runs the local council. But there's a side effect - it sends a message to the political parties.

Right now, there's a message I'd like to send to Jeremy Corbyn, and I suspect that a strongly worded email, or another blog post, isn't going to be taken notice of. The message that I want to send, is that racism is not acceptable to me.

For many years, the extreme right has been the home of racism. You'll have heard of parties with "British", English" and "National" in their names, usually a clear giveaway of their racist beliefs.

But now the extreme left (and today's labour party is very left) has picked up the banner of anti-semitism, sometimes thinly disguised as anti-zionism. Clearly, they've been waving this banner for a while now, but recently the banner has become so overt, that many people are calling on them to purge the racist members of their party. If you're racist, homophobic or antisemitic, you should not be allowed to claim that you have the backing of the labour party.

Go join Nick Griffin's mob.

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