Friday 27 May 2016

Lightly beat

In Pakistan, the Council of Islamic Ideology are proposing that a husband should be allowed to lightly beat his wife.

And I suppose I ought to issue a proclamation on this. Because I have been vouchsafed a revelation (have you noticed how revelations are often vouchsafed?) on this subject. Because the proposal is incomplete. Plus, it includes a split infinitive. Although I'd guess that this is only in the English translation from the original, which probably wasn't in English.

What if the marriage is between two men? Should one of them be allowed to lightly beat the other, and if so, which? Or are both of them allowed to lightly beat each other? And what if the marriage is between two women? Are both of them allowed to be lightly beaten, and if so, by who?

Are single men allowed to lightly beat themselves?

If a woman is unmarried, who takes on the responsibility for lightly beating her?

And what about polygamous marriages? Is the husband allowed to lightly beat all his wives? Can he delegate the lightly beating to one of the more senior wives?

It needs considerable clarification, which we can only hope will be forthcoming.

Until that happens, I'll defer the lightly beating of ladysolly. And after the clarification too, because I can imagine her reaction go being lightly beaten. No, actually I can't, it would probably be something beyond my imagination.

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