Friday 27 May 2016

Kentish capers

I went over the Queen Elizabeth bridge, always a treat, on my way to Sittingbourne. And since they abolished the toll booths, it's quicker to get across. I just topped up my "Dart Charge" account, which was at £4.99. I don't understand how it could have become an odd number. Oh well. Computers, eh?

I planned to do the series TT1, with the possibility of doing TT2 at the same time. In the event, it took me until 4pm to do TT1, so I only was able to do a few extras before it was time to depart.

This was a magnificent machine that I saw along the way - one of the caches was just a few yards from where it was working.

What it does, is pick up a felled tree, grip it with toothed rollers, roll the tree along, thus stripping off the side branches, then a chainsaw comes down and cuts through the tree, and the log falls into the trailer. It was very addictive to watch!

The other notable thing, was, I heard a cuckoo, or even cuckoos. I tried to record them on my phone, but it isn't sensitive enough to pick up the sound.

Last year, I didn't hear a cuckoo, and when I  looked into this, it seems there's been a catastrophic decline in cuckoo numbers.

34 caches found, several DNFs.


  1. DartCharge: the Doctor with a PhD in something to do with numbers says " £4.99. I don't understand how it could have become an odd number."
    Well, using DartCharge, each crossing is £1.67. 3 * £1.67 is.. no, I'll let you work out the rest.

  2. Ah, that would explain it, thanks. I was remembering the old charge of £1.50 or £2, I didn't realise they'd changed it.

    Anyway - the cuckoo made up for all the DNFs!