Wednesday 11 May 2016

I took my bike for a haircut

The new 48 volt bike got an outing today - I took it to get a haircut.

I get a haircut once per year, it's the Annual Summer Shearing. The barber always seems surprised to see me.

The bike went well, which is more than I can say for the barber. The one I planned to go to in Old Amersham was closed until Friday, so I biked up to Top Amersham and went to Jasmine's, she always does a good job. When Jasmine's done, my head's half a pound lighter. She also trimmed by eyebrows, which were getting a bit Dennis Healey.

Bad news about one of the batteries, though. They're 8s, so I use them in pairs, which gives me a starting voltage of 67 volts, nice and nippy. I have four of them, each 4 amp-hours. One of them has partly failed, so instead of 8AH at 48 volts, I now have 4AH. Still, it's good that it happened today, rather then in the middle of a long geocaching circuit.

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