Wednesday 18 May 2016

GM or not GM

There's a bunch of people, which seem to me to be mostly Americans (but also the EU), who are vocally opposed to GM (Genetically Modified) crops. Their opposition tends to take the form of a campaign that GM foods should be labelled as such, and who could possibly object to that? It means that people can choose for themselves.

The trouble with labelling, is A) it adds to the cost of products; each time you try to track products, there's a cost. B) why don't we label apples with their sugar content? So that consumers can choose? C) Why don't we label meat with fat content?  So that consumers can choose? And so on.

The same people are often scathing to climate change deniers, and to people who refuse to vaccinate their children. Because "the science is clear". The climate is changing, and we caused it. Vaccination makes children safer, and non-vaxxing is daft.

So now the science on GM crops is clear. There's no risk. And there's huge benefits.

The science is clear. So will the anti-GM people drop their campaign?

Fat chance.

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