Sunday 15 May 2016

Bigears at it again

The Man Who Would Be King is still drivelling on about homeopathy.

It's a good idea to reduce feeding farm animals with antibiotics, because mass use of antibiotics causes the bacteria to evolve resistance. There will come a time when currently used antibiotics will be less and less useful.

But homeopathy?

Look, Charlie. If you want to give your cows plain water instead of antibiotics, I'm fine with that. The placebo effect isn't going to work on cows anyway, because you won't be convincing the cows they're getting medicine. And since homeopathic "medicines" are just plain water, I'd advise you to actually use plain water. For a start, it's cheaper.

But what I really really want you to do, is A) stop writing to government functionaries with your idiotic ideas, because they might actually take some notice and waste £4 million of NHS money  on plain water, and B), and more importantly, stop embarrassing me.

Because if you were just plain old Charlie McCharlieface, no-one would notice or care about your stupid ideas, but because you're next in line for the throne (and we're all hoping that the Queen lives as long as necessary to exclude you from the succession) your daft utterances get spread all over the internet and you make us British look as daft as an American that thinks the world is 6000 years old.

1 comment:

  1. 100% right. The man is a buffoon. And so is the institution he represents.