Monday 9 May 2016

Another scam

"Have you had an accident within the last three years?"

Well, of course I have. And so it begins.

After I made it clear that my accident was while I was walking and didn't involve a car at all, I made my usual offer to send a photograph, because that can get me their email address, which leads to their domain name, and the domain name search gives me more information, and so on. But they didn't want a photo.

This scam was different. Apparently, some foreigners had an accident and they've made a claim, but no-one knows who else was in the car, and the idea is that I pretend to be in that car, and injured, and I'll get £3000 to £4000.

I've not encountered that one before - it's fraud of the simplest kind. So I went along with it, because I'd quite like to know which firm of solicitors is behind this. They already have my phone number, but when they asked for my address, I gave them the address of another scammer, and I made up a name and date of birth for them.

And now, according to Ali (that's the name he gave), I just need to wait for the phone call from the solicitor. My guess is that this won't happen, but if it does, something large and heavy (in the shape of the Solicitor's Regulation Authority, will descend on them.

As you might remember, I've had success on this in the past.

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