Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Streisand effect.

In today's world, if you try to censor some information, then the effect is to disseminate it more widely.

Apparently, there's a sex scandal. Apparently, it involves three people, of which at least one is well known (a "celebrity"). And there's a court injunction, valid in England and Wales, that they cannot be named.

This, of course, gets us all interested, including me. I'm notoriously uninterested in the bedroom antics of celebrities. But when you tell me that I'm not allowed to know ... I want to know.

So I spent half a minute with Google, and found out.

Obviously I can't tell you who the celebrity is. But I can tell you that there's an injunction that prevents people in England and Wales from knowing this information, but not people in Scotland.


  1. Well I have spent 5 minutes and still haven't found it! Oh well I guess that why you are good with computers! :)

  2. Be patient, it'll be made publlic eventually.

  3. Searching Twitter for injunction is usually a quick route to such sleaze