Friday 8 April 2016

Return to Bledlow

10 years ago, when ladysolly and I started caching, SimplyPaul's Ridgeway Run was one of the first series we did.

I went back there today, and revisited a number of places I remember. The caches today were mostly by Captain Jack.

I used my usual bike, with the dual-speed motor. But the clutch for the lower gear is slipping totally now, so I can only use it in high gear. The answer is going to be:

A) Buy another motor, and
B) Repair the old motor.

I already tried once to open it, but I couldn't get it apart. Now the stakes are higher, so I'll use a lot more force to dismantle it, because if I can't, then I can't use it. If I damage it trying to get it apart, then so be it.

26 caches done today, no DNFs.

Most importantly, I saw my first butterfly of the year. It was golden. That means it's going to be a good summer.

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