Saturday 30 April 2016

Order, order

If you want to know what's going on in this sceptered isle, read this web site.

It's written by "Guido Fawkes". His real name is a matter of public record, Paul Staines. He's based in Ireland, and his server is in the USA. That gives him the advantage of being outside the range of injunctions against publishing information in England and Wales, which means you get to read stuff that you might not otherwise find.

He's also the journalist that broke the Naz Shah antisemitism news, but that isn't his first scalp - Peter Hain (resigned), Damian McBride (resigned) are two previous outings.

The order-order web site is on my list for frequent visits.


  1. He's the top blogger in the UK:

    I am merely one of the top luxury travel bloggers:

  2. Staines is not in Ireland. His mother is Irish and his parents live in Wexford where he has pretended to live (while living in Peckham). He has broken Irish law by falsely claiming to be resident and by voting in Ireland -- he flew here, voted in a referendum, returned to London and boasted on his blog about his action. He was electronically tagged and required to be at home by 9pm at the time -- as result of other criminal activity. Staines' alias tells you what you need to know about this unsavoury individual.