Tuesday 26 April 2016

It wasn't supposed to snow today

But it did.

The day started off with great weather, but early in the afternoon, I saw white stuff coming down, and it wasn't apple blossom.

Start at the start. I went to Amesbury today, to do a nice big circuit there. I decided to start with number 50, because that meant I could wimp out at number 29 and get back to where I started, and it's just as well I did that, because I don't think I could have done the additional 20 caches.

I made my first sighting of lambs this year, that's always a pleasure.

I did 56 caches, two DNFs. My left wrist is still slightly painful from the strain, and my right thigh complained mightily by the end of the day. The bike performed very well.

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