Monday 28 March 2016

Republicans and guns

Many Americans believe that they have an almost sacred right to swagger around carrying a machine gun. However, this right ends on private property; if you don't want a gun carried into your home, you have the right to say so, and to enforce this requirement (while waving a gun to emphasise your view).

The Republican national convention will be held in July 2016 in the "Quicken Loans Arena". Quicken doesn't allow guns.

So, of course, a petition has been created, pointing out this dissonance and asking for it to be rectified, either by Quicken allowing guns for the convention, or by moving the convention to another venue.

It's hilarious. And possibly a fine sample of American irony. Who said that Americans dn't have a sense of humour?

The National Rifle Association is vehemently opposed to "gun free zones", on the grounds that they become a safe space for any insane shooter. The two leading Republican candidates have declared their opposition to gun free zones.

I can just imagine the emotive atmosphere of a political convention, spiced up as gun carriers eye each other warily, ready to spring into action the first time they see an aggressive move.

Something tells me, however, that despite the opposition of Republicans to gun free zones, their convention will not allow people carrying guns to enter, because common sense and self-preservation overrule rhetoric and idealism.

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