Tuesday 22 March 2016

Little Bedwyn and Great Bedwyn

I went out today to do the Jockey Green circuit.

I planned carefully; there's a road that splits the series into two parts, so I started there, did the southern half, and then cycled back to the car. Then I had lunch, changed battery and did the other half.

I found a problem with the bike; when I went over a bump, the rear carrier would hit the seat post. Once I realised what the knocking noise was, I knew it wasn't a big problem. And at the halfway mark, I got the spanners out and fixed it.

I did a total of 57 caches today with no DNFs, although there was a disabled cache that I didn't really look for much.

The bike ran well, but by the time I finished at about 6pm, my back was aching. That seems to be my limiting factor these days.

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