Thursday 31 March 2016

Eye test

I went for my every-two-years eye test today, and it was very thorough. The good news is that my eyes haven't deteriorated over the last two years. So much so, that I don't need new glasses.

I'm getting new mid-range glasses anyway, though, becuase I've had these for a very long time, and the lenses are scratched and fuzzy in the middle, just the place where you don't want them to be scratched. I persuaded them to let me keep the frames (most glasses frames corrode terribly on me, and these don't) and I insisted on glass (plastic is the usual material, but it scratches much worse than glass).

They also did an inside-the-eye scan, which isn't as gruesome as it sounds, they just flash a bright light in each eye. This reveals that my right eye is in tip-top condition, but the left eye (where I had the high pressure, leading to glaucoma) has some deterioration of the optic nerve. The good news is that since it was diagnosed two years ago, it hasn't worsened, and the pressure is now 17, which is excellent. It means that the eye drops are keeping it under control.

My back is also improving rapidly; I'm pretty sure that what I had was something ike cramp in the back muscle.

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