Saturday 12 March 2016


I went out today with SimplyPaul to do the Catwalk series in Essex on bikes. We had a number of disasters.

The first was when we were doing number nine. We couldn't find the micro, but as we were searching, someone walked up - a geocacher. He told us where the micro should be, and it wasn't there. So then he told us where the final was, and we all walked to it. On the way, we went through some very deep mud. I got a boot full of mud, and then I slipped and fell on my arse. But we found the cache.

Then, soon after, my left bike pedal fell off. I put it back on, and it fell off again. The problem was that it wasn't rotating freely. So a few caches later, Paul and I had a discussion about this, and we decided that I couldn't complete this circuit with only one working pedal. So we went back to the car, found a bike shop nearby and I bought a pair of pedals, £7. And then we bought pizza for lunch from Domino's - they have a deal whereby you can get a seven inch pizza for £1. Amazing.

We continued the route (plus a few extras - solved puzzles). The next problem was when my bike fell over while I was getting a cache, and the PDA holder broke. I do have an emergency replacement for it, but it isn't nearly as good.

The third problem came near the end. I haven't checked the exact problem yet, but I think what happened, was that the pannier came adrift from the rack, hit the derailleur, rammed it into the wheel where it got tangled with the spokes. This is going to need major repair work.

And then Paul had a puncture.

When we got back to the car, I was exhausted, and Paul looked pretty done in.

Still, we did 50 caches and only had one DNF, so it was a good day out.

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