Thursday 11 February 2016


I run a Windows XP computer - this is because GSAK, the great geocaching app, only works on Windows. It partly works when I use WINE under Linux, but not entirely. So I have to run a Windows box. I also run Memory Map on it.

Recently, it's been crashing, and when I start it up again, I get a popup about OLBPre.exe. So I googled it.

The general opinion is that it's a trojan, although most of the sites saying so, aren't ones that I'd particularly trust. And I'm certainly not going to download their software and run it.

So I need to do something, I'm not sure exactly what. As a first attempt, I did a global search for OLBPre.exe; it was installed on September 2015, which means it isn't part of the main Windows distribution. So I deleted it. I've also removed the mention of it in the Registry. If that leaves me with a stable computer (i.e., runs GSAK and doesn't keep rebooting), then I'll probably leave it at that.

If that doesn't work, I'll do a fresh install of Windows XP, which is guaranteed to deal with any software problem.

 ... later ...

OLBPre.exe is "MYPCbackup", and there's an icon for that on the desktop, so I think I must have installed it, I don't remember why.

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