Wednesday 17 February 2016

Nose bleed

A slight nose bleed. Just a few drops, then it stopped. I have a tissue that's somewhat reddened.

I don't know what causes these - I do get them occasionally. High blood pressure is an obvious possibility, but whenever I've had my bblood pressure read, it's been reassuringly low. I must have wide veins, or something.

So I decided to look into a blood pressure thing, a sphygmomanometer. You'lve probably been tested yourself at some time; they wrap your arm up in an inflatable bandage, then they pump up the bandage, take a reading, release the pressure, and take another reading. Not something it's easy to do for yourself, because you obviously can't use both hands to put it on.

It's completely different now, of course.

They're digital. And they cost about a fiver. And they're very easy to use. Ebay.

While I was there, I also got a battery-powered electric toothbrush, because the one I got a couple of months ago is so good. I use a big brush for the main scrub, then a fine brush
as a finisher. Because the dentist told me to. Then I use a hand-held interdental brush - apparently, that's very important.

I did lots of stuff at school. I visited the dentist several times - in those days, the cure for anything dental was enthusiastic drilling followed by mercury amalgam filling. Not now, of course. At no point did anyone explain to me about interdental brushing.

And while I'm reporting on health matters, my left wrist, which has been feeling sprained or strained for the last few months, is still gradually improving, to the point where when I went out on the bike yesterday, it didn't hurt at all.

It's great the way I self-repair. Now if I could only grow a few new teeth - I used to be able to do that, but it seems I've forgotten how.

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