Thursday 11 February 2016

Life after Hatley

I went out today, to to a ring near Souldrop. The theme of the day was mud. I brought quite a lot of mud home with me, but don't worry, there's plenty left.

It started out well, a nice tarmac surface, then gravel. But then I did a digression to pick up some extras. That started out on gravel, but soon deteriorated into a very soft surface, I could only just bike on it. But after doing three, to get to the next one, I'd have to ride across a field of clingy mud, and my experience tells me that half way across, the bike will seize up totally, and progress will then be a yard at a time, and with great effort. So I turned round, and went back to the Souldrop ring.

Again, at first, I was on gravel. But then I got to the byway, which was really dreadful. The surface was soggy and deeply rutted, so I had to walk the bike mostly, and even that was a great effort. A couple of times I had to stop and unclog the mud out of the bike, because it was stopping the wheels from turning.

Eventually, I got back onto gravel, and then tarmac. I got back to the car a bit after 3pm for lunch, and I picked up a couple of drive-bys on the way home.

38 caches found, 2 DNFs.


  1. I have just walked that; I feel your pain...

  2. It was easier for you, I took a lot of the mud home with me.