Friday 5 February 2016

Hatley Heart Attack - the final

I was out yesterday to finish this off. First, I did a loop of 28 caches, that turned into 40 with some extras. Then I did the HHA Final, which was a nice big ammo can, so I put a 2 terabyte hard drive into it. That's a bit of a lucky dip, it might work or it might not. If they were perfect, I wouldn't be dropping them in caches!

Inside the final, I found the coords for the final bonus, so I travelled quite a long way, to a place I'd visited before, to do that. A satisfying end to a great series. The problem is, what do I do after the HHA?

The first series I did yesterday was the Harston Hokey Cokey. At the first cache (number 28, I went round in reverse order), there was a crew tidying up the forest with a portable wood chipper, and they were right on top of the cache! I feared the worst. I explained to them what I was doing there, and they'd heard of the game, and as I wandered around trying to find the cache, they did too. And one of them found it! So I signed the log with my name and theirs.

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