Sunday 14 February 2016

Another unflagged malware

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 16:26:53 +0200
From: Microsoft Corporation <>
Subject: MCCP:                                              LSZYLXHLMB
   1 Shown      6 lines  Text (charset: Windows-1251)
   2          199 KB     Application

This is an official notification to you by the board of trustees Microsoft Corporate Citizenship, you have
been selected for using Microsoft services, view the attached document for more details.

Dr. Nicola Hodson
General Manager, Marketing & Operations UK
Microsoft Corporation

It's a PDF file. I sent it to, and all 53 products passed it as clean.

Either they're mistaken, or Microsoft really is emailing me. It was first sent to Virustotal 30 hours ago. Or maybe it's not malware, just a scam? If it's a scam, then sending it as a PDF was pretty silly.

So I opened it (not using Adobe, of course). Apparently, I'm one of seven lucky recipients of £1,864,000, and all I have to do is ...

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