Friday 26 February 2016

A visit to the doctor

After waiting a bit, I saw the doctor. We chatted a bit, and she asked me if I had anything to show her. So I showed her my big toenail; she diagnosed it as a fungal infection, and gave me a prescription. Strangely, that hadn't occured to me. And I showed her my lump; it's a lipoma, just a lump of congealed fat under the skin. It's not causing me a problem, so we agreed to leave it alone. She took my blood pressure, which is good, and my heart was beating slowly, which is very good. And she wrote me a letter for a blood test.

So this afternoon, I fetched up at Amersham hospital, where a nice lady hardly hurt me at all, driving a needle into the inside of my elbow, and extracting a couple of tubes of blood. They'll test it to check that it really is blood, and if there's a problem they'll tell my doctor who will tell me. But we're not expecting anything.

I also did the bowel cancer test. That's painless, but could be messy. You have to give a tiny sample on each of three days, smear it into an envelope, and put that into an envelope for posting. I've done it a few times now. I think they do it for everyone over a certain age.

The NHS certainly looks after us!

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